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     ODBTP -- Version 1.1 Changes

Interface Files
To facilitate the process for connecting to databases, interface file support was added. An interface file provides the ability to connect to databases without the use of a complex ODBC driver connect string.
Row Cache
The data rows from a query result set can be placed into a memory cache. This allows for the predetermination of row counts, and the use of scrollable fetches without the need for a cursor. It also provides the ability to maintain a result set without being connected to the server.
Extended Column Information
Additional column intormation can optionally be provided by the server. This includes type, table, schema, and catalog name information.
Stored Precedure Preparation
Special provisions for preparing stored procedures has been added. They are designed to make it as easy as possible to process stored procedures. Procedure parameters can be set and retrieved without having to know their specifics.
UNICODE Query Text Processing
The ability to execute UTF-8 encoded query text is optionally provided. This is achieved with the use of the UNICODE versions of the Win32 ODBC API functions.
Enhanced PHP Support
Many new functions have been added to the ODBTP PHP extension. In addition to the new functions, is support for the functions defined in the mssql extension. This allows existing PHP scripts that use the mssql extension to use ODBTP without potentially any modifications. A PEAR DB driver for ODBTP is also included for even more flexibility.
Special Support for MS SQL Server
Special support for MS SQL Server database connections is provided by utilizing MSSQL specific aspects of the ODBC driver. This includes additional column information, and extended error reporting.
ODBC Information Retrieval
More ODB attributes have been added to retrieve ODBC driver information.
Direct Access to ODBC Catalog Functions
Access to the ODBC API catalog functions is made possible with the use of a special query text syntax. These functions include SQLGetTypeInfo, SQLTables, SQLColumns and SQLProcedures.