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     ODBTP -- PHP Extension (Index)

Runtime Configuration Options (php.ini)

Microsoft SQL Server Support

Predefined Constants
    ODB Attributes
    ODB Data Types
    ODB Parameter Types
    ODB Cursor Types
    ODB Cursor Concurrency Types
    ODB Fetch Types
    ODB Row Status Values

    odbtp_affected_rows -- get number of affected rows in last query
    odbtp_allocate_query -- allocate query resource
    odbtp_attach_field -- attach result set field to variable
    odbtp_attach_param -- attach prepared parameter to variable
    odbtp_bind_field -- bind result set field to data type
    odbtp_close -- close ODBTP connection
    odbtp_commit -- commit current transaction
    odbtp_connect -- connect to ODBTP service
    odbtp_connect_id -- get connection id
    odbtp_convert_all -- convert all field data to character format
    odbtp_convert_datetime -- convert datetime field data to character format
    odbtp_convert_guid -- convert GUID (uniqueidentifier) field data to character format
    odbtp_ctime2datetime -- convert a C time value into a datetime object
    odbtp_data_seek -- move to a specific row
    odbtp_datetime2ctime -- convert a datetime object into a C time value
    odbtp_detach -- detach query from connection
    odbtp_dont_pool_dbc -- don't pool DB connection
    odbtp_execute -- execute previously prepared query
    odbtp_fetch -- fetch row
    odbtp_fetch_array -- fetch row as an array
    odbtp_fetch_assoc -- fetch row as an associative array
    odbtp_fetch_batch -- fetch next batch of rows
    odbtp_fetch_field -- get field information
    odbtp_fetch_object -- fetch row as an object
    odbtp_fetch_output -- fetch output parameters as an array
    odbtp_fetch_row -- fetch row as an enumerated array
    odbtp_field -- get/set current field value
    odbtp_field_basename -- get field base name
    odbtp_field_bindtype -- get field bind type
    odbtp_field_catalog -- get field catalog
    odbtp_field_flags -- get field flags
    odbtp_field_ignore -- ignore field
    odbtp_field_length -- get field max char length
    odbtp_field_name -- get field name
    odbtp_field_schema -- get field schema
    odbtp_field_seek -- move to specified field
    odbtp_field_table -- get field table
    odbtp_field_type -- get field data type
    odbtp_free_query -- free query resource
    odbtp_get -- get parameter value
    odbtp_get_attr -- get attribute
    odbtp_get_error -- get current error message
    odbtp_get_message -- get current message
    odbtp_get_query -- get querye
    odbtp_guid_string -- converts a GUID to its character string equivalent
    odbtp_inout -- define parameter as input/output
    odbtp_input -- define parameter as input
    odbtp_is_detached -- determine if query is detached
    odbtp_last_error -- get the last error message
    odbtp_last_error_code -- get the last error code
    odbtp_last_error_state -- get the last error state
    odbtp_load_data_types -- load data type information
    odbtp_new_datetime -- create a new datetime object
    odbtp_next_result -- get next query result
    odbtp_num_fields -- get number of fields in query result
    odbtp_num_params -- get number of prepared parameters
    odbtp_num_rows -- get number of fetched rows from query
    odbtp_output -- define parameter as output
    odbtp_param_bindtype -- get parameter bind type
    odbtp_param_length -- get parameter max char length
    odbtp_param_name -- get parameter name
    odbtp_param_number -- get parameter number
    odbtp_param_type -- get parameter data type
    odbtp_prepare -- prepare a query for execution
    odbtp_prepare_proc -- prepare a procedure for execution
    odbtp_query -- execute query
    odbtp_query_id -- get query id
    odbtp_rconnect -- reserved connect to ODBTP service
    odbtp_result -- get result data
    odbtp_rollback -- rollback current transaction
    odbtp_row_add -- add row
    odbtp_row_bookmark -- bookmark row
    odbtp_row_cache_size -- get row cache size
    odbtp_row_delete -- delete row
    odbtp_row_lock -- lock row
    odbtp_row_refresh -- refresh row
    odbtp_row_status -- get row status
    odbtp_row_unlock -- unlock row
    odbtp_row_update -- update row
    odbtp_sconnect -- single process connect to ODBTP service
    odbtp_set -- set parameter value
    odbtp_set_attr -- set attribute
    odbtp_set_cursor -- set cursor type
    odbtp_type_param -- get type of parameter
    odbtp_use_row_cache -- enable row cache usage
    odbtp_version -- get protocol version