ODBTP -- Interface File

What is an interface file?

An interface file is a file used by odbLoginInterface to facilitate the establishment of a connection to a database. It contains a list of interfaces to databases via an ODBTP server. Each interface is uniquely named, and specifies the values of one or more parameters that determine how to connect to a database. Interfaces are entered into the file using the following format:
parameter1 = value
parameter2 = value
parameterN = value
A special interface named "global" can be used to globally define default values for certain parameters.

Interface Parameters

connect timeout Client connection timeout specified in seconds. 0
convert all Convert all fields to character format. no
convert datetime Convert datetime fields to character format. no
convert guid Convert GUID (uniqueidentifier) fields to character format. no
data connect string ODBC connect string. The following identifiers representing other interface parameters or data can be embedded in the string:

%d - database, dbq or dsn name
%p - password
%r - driver name
%s - server name
%u - username

See types
database Name of database.  
driver Name of ODBC driver. See types
full col info Send full column info. no
load data types Load data type info. no
login type ODBTP login type override. Possible values are single, reserved or normal.  
odbtp host Host name of odbtp service. interface
odbtp port Port used for odbtp serice. 2799
read timeout Client read timeout specified in seconds. 600
right trim text Remove trailing space characters from text data during retrieval. no
row cache size Size of row cache if row cache usage enabled. If is is set to 0, then the size will be allowed to grow to store all result rows into the cache. 0
server Name of database server. interface
type Database type. See types for list of valid entries. dsn
unicode sql Read SQL query strings as UTF8 encoded UNICODE strings. no
use broad types Use broad data type names instead of more descriptive type names. no
use row cache Use row cache to store results. no
var data size Maximum size of buffer for variable length data if it is not explicitly specified when binding a column or parameter. 65536

Database Types

TypeDriverData connect string
access Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb) DRIVER={%r};DBQ=%d;UID=%u;PWD=%p;
dsn N/A DSN=%d;UID=%u;PWD=%p;
excel Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls) DRIVER={%r};DRIVERID=790;DBQ=%d;
foxpro Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver DRIVER={%r};SOURCETYPE=DBF;SOURCEDB=%d;EXCLUSIVE=NO;
foxpro_dbc Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver DRIVER={%r};SOURCETYPE=DBC;SOURCEDB=%d;EXCLUSIVE=NO;
general Must be defined Must be defined
mssql SQL Server DRIVER={%r};SERVER=%s;UID=%u;PWD=%p;DATABASE=%d;
mysql MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver DRIVER={%r};SERVER=%s;OPTION=3;UID=%u;PWD=%p;DATABASE=%d;
oracle Oracle ODBC Driver DRIVER={%r};DBQ=%d;UID=%u;PWD=%p;
sybase Sybase ASE ODBC Driver DRIVER={%r};SRVR=%s;UID=%u;PWD=%p;DATABASE=%d;
text Microsoft Text Driver (*.txt; *.csv) DRIVER={%r};DBQ=%d;EXTENSIONS=asc,csv,tab,txt;