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     ODBTP -- Server Configuration

The default behavior of the ODBTP Win32 service can be changed according to configuration parameter settings specified in the odbtpsrv.ini file. The available parameters are listed and described below in the table. Configuration changes will not take effect until the service is restarted with the commang odbtpctl restart or the Service Control Manager.

LogFileLocation and name of access/error log file. Default: odbtpsrv.log
EnableLogEnable or disable logging. Value can either be 1 (enabled) or 0 (disabled). Default: 1
LogReadAndSentLog read and sent ODBTP codes. Value can either be 1 (enabled) or 0 (disabled). Default: 0
LogODBCLog ODBC info and error messages. Value can either be 1 (enabled) or 0 (disabled). Default: 0
PortServer TCP port. Default: 2799
ListenBacklogSize of listener socket backlog. Default: 32
MaxClientThreadsMaximum simultaneous client threads. Default: 256
MaxActiveClientThreadsMaximum simultaneous active client threads. Default: 32
ClientThreadWaitTimeoutMaximum time in seconds a client thread will wait to become active. Default: 60
ReadTimeoutClient socket read timeout in seconds. Default: 180
TransBufferSizePacket transfer buffer size in bytes. Default: 4096
MaxRequestSizeMaximum client data request size in bytes. Default: 2000000
ConnPoolSizeNormal connection pool size. Default: 32
ConnPoolTimeoutNormal connection pool timeout in seconds. Default: 300
ReservConnPoolSizeReserved connection pool size. Default: 24
ReservConnPoolTimeoutReserved connection pool timeout in seconds. Default: 3600
BadConnCheckEnable or disable bad connection check. Value is either 1 (enabled) or 0 (disabled). Default: 0
MaxQrysPerConnMaximum number of query handles per connection. Default: 4
ConnectTimeoutDatabase connection timeout in seconds. Default: 0
QueryTimeoutDatabase query timeout in seconds. Default: 0
FetchRowCountNumber of rows to send per non-cursor FETCHROW requests. Default: 64
EnableProcCacheEnable or disable prepared procedure parameter cache. Value is either 1 (enabled) or 0 (disabled). Default: 0