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     ODBTP -- Version 1.1.1 Changes

Fixed Bugs
In addition to some minor and unreported bugs, the bugs that could cause the server to crash were fixed. The latter bugs pertained to the retrieval or submission of column and parameter data. If the size of the data exceeded the size of its bounded buffer, a memory violation could occur in response to the server's attempt to access invalid memory. The problem would only occur if the buffer was not implicitly or explicitly allocated to a size greater than the maximum data size. This issue has been completely resolved in this version.
Data Truncation Detection
Provisions were added for detecting whether or not the data retrieved from a column or parameter was truncated. This is useful when retrieving text or image data, where the size of the buffer bound to the corresponding column or parameter may not be sufficient.
Server Auto-Restart
The ODBTP server will automatically restart if it unexpectedly terminates. The time and date of the termination is placed in the Windoes Event Log, and a local file. This is useful if the server crashes because of an unresolved issue in the server or ODBC driver.
Socket Error Details
Functions were added to the C client library to obtain more details about socket errors. Included is a function for retrieving the system dependent error code, and another for obtaining the error text.
New Interface Types
Interface types for FoxPro DBC (Database Container) files, and Excel worksheets were added.
PHP 5 Support
The PHP extension and its build files were modified so that they could be compiled under PHP version 5. Win32 binaries of the extension for PHP 5 are also included in this version.
Fixed PHP PEAR DB Driver
The PEAR DB driver was modified to work with PEAR DB version 1.6.